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Taizhou Huangyan Yuankun Paper-Plastic Cup Factory, founded in June 1998, is one of the earliest Hollow Paper Cup Manufacturers and Paper Cup With Lid Factory in China, which obtain QS qualification for production license in China. Taiwen Expressway, adjacent to Huangyan Airport and only 5 minutes' drive from the train station, enjoys a superior geographical location and convenient transportation.

The factory has fixed assets of 20 million yuan and more than 50 employees. The factory is an early tableware manufacturer in China. The products include various disposable packaging containers with many product specifications. The factory has always adhered to the quality policy of "Meticulous manufacturing, constantly satisfying customers' needs and expectations; excellence, providing customers with the best quality service", adhered to the development goal of "scientific innovation, and bravely climbing the peak", and steadily created high-end quality, major supermarket chains, and aviation high-speed rail have chosen our products, such as RT-Mart, Wal-Mart, Auchan, China Eastern Airlines, Baiyun Airport, etc. We OEM/ODM custom print Paper cup with logo.


We mainly produce paper cups, coffee cups, paper bowls, paper plates,
insulated cups, and paper barrels.

Industry Knowledge Extension

What Types Of Paper Cups Are Common On The Market?

Common paper cups on the market have the following types:

1. Hot drink paper cups: These paper cups are usually used to hold hot drinks, such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate. They have high thermal resistance properties and can protect hands from being burned.

2. Cold drink paper cups: Cold drink paper cups are usually used to hold iced drinks, such as juice, iced coffee and soft drinks. They are generally thinner and sometimes have holes for straws.

3. Double-layer paper cup: This paper cup consists of two layers of paper cup walls separated by an air layer in the middle. The double-layer structure provides better heat insulation performance, so that the outside of the cup wall will not overheat when drinking hot drinks, and protect hands from being burned.

4. Printed paper cups: In order to increase the visual appeal and personalization of paper cups, some paper cups may be printed with patterns, trademarks or advertisements, etc. These printed paper cups are commonly used in commercial promotions and event promotions.

5. Biodegradable paper cups: To reduce environmental impact, some paper cups are made from biodegradable materials such as biodegradable pulp or bioplastic. These paper cups degrade faster during handling and decomposition, reducing negative impact on the environment.

6. Customized paper cups: Customized paper cups refer to paper cups that are specially designed and manufactured according to the needs and requirements of customers. These paper cups can be customized according to brand identity, event theme or personal preferences, and are commonly found in business events, weddings, birthday parties and more.

These are the common types of paper cups on the market, and each type has its specific purpose and application. Choosing the right type of paper cup depends on the desired function, type of drink, and personal or business needs.

What Are The Characteristics Of Hollow Paper Cup?

Hollow paper cup is a specially designed paper cup with the following characteristics:

1. Hollow structure: Hollow Paper Cup is designed with a hollow structure, that is, an air gap is formed between the inner and outer layers of the paper cup. This design aims to reduce the temperature conduction inside and outside the paper cup, so that the outer layer is not affected by the hot liquid on the inner layer and is not easy to heat up, improving the comfort of the hand and reducing the risk of burns.

2. Heat insulation performance: Due to the existence of the hollow structure, Hollow Paper Cup has better heat insulation performance. It can effectively slow down the temperature conduction, so that the hot drink can be kept hot for a long time in the paper cup to avoid scalding the mouth.

3. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable: Hollow Paper Cups are usually made of paper materials such as pulp or cardboard, which have good biodegradable properties. After use, paper cups can be recycled or decomposed naturally, with less impact on the environment.

4. Reinforced structure: In order to ensure the strength and stability of the Hollow Paper Cup, a layer of reinforced cardboard or paper grid structure is usually added between the inner and outer layers of the paper cup. This design can improve the load-bearing capacity of the paper cup and avoid deformation or leakage.

5. Appearance innovation: Hollow Paper Cup can have certain innovations in appearance design. It can be decorated by printing, colored paper, texture, etc., so that the paper cup is more beautiful, and it can produce better effects when it is promoted by merchants and used by users.

It should be noted that Hollow Paper Cup may not be suitable for all scenarios and needs, and its special design may also lead to increased costs. Therefore, when choosing paper cups, it is necessary to comprehensively consider factors such as usage scenarios, product costs, and environmental protection requirements.